My own cloud nine

I change my own world with each sunrise. I begin each horizon with aspirations and cloud nines. The sun rests on my face and a smile appears. I create my own challenges and am my biggest obstacle. I’m stubborn and I’m passionate. I’m giddy and calm. Wild at heart and content at home. Nearly everything I have is because I earned it. I have to learn the hard way, and trust me, I have. and I have been humbled by it all. Every journey taken is because my heart took me down that road and it has been a blessing for my eyes to experience so many beauties and hardships of the world. Every one of my desires is fueled by a fire in my heart. The fire is unpredictable and spastic. I want what I want and that is okay. I fear what I fear and my world continues to spin. My world, which can be filled with doubts and hardship, doesn’t have just a silver lining. It has a gold border. I take so many things for granted that I am learning not to. My world has pink and orange clouds to greet me in the morning and the same ones to wish me a good nights sleep. My world has grass in between my toes and freckled lemonade in my fingertips. My world has snowflakes in my hair and rain boots on my feet. My world has conversations with strangers and hugs from lovers. My world is beautiful. My dreams light up the sky like the  Christmas lights in my room. My fears have begun seeping into the ground like raindrops. I have reached a place beyond contentment. I have reached a place of happiness and although not a destination, I like this part of the journey. The part that lets the smile rest on my lips for no reason and where my heart is happy for hours after the sun says goodnight. I like where I am right this second. Happy.

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Just a lost soul trying to make sense of the world

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