The orcastrator

His shoes are scuffed from endless adventuring, the soles nearly falling apart from dancing nights turned into mornings. His fingers eternally calloused from making melodies as he refills your drink. His smile assures everything will be okay while his laugh brings a sense of nostalgic bliss. Passion is left to flourish on whatever he touches, as if visible fingerprints of his soul. His heart beats out of his chest, too big for his own good. He has a young soul but never mistake that for a weakness. One underestimation of his abilities and proven wrong will be you. The world is unprepared for his energy. His voice will ring for generations as he brings forth messages that others are afraid to say. His music will bring together different walks of life and allow for freedom to love one another. His ability to see the constellations connect will place him amongst the stars eternally. Just as a shooting star, he will soar across the sky as a flash of light, unmistakable for anything but magic. His presence will make you long for more. Despite his intergalactic qualities, he’s human-he has fears, concerns, love to give, hardships experienced- its what makes him, as powerful as his. The touch of his hand-firm yet soft can guide even a lost soul toward sunrises and brighter days. His kiss evaporates burdens while his head on the pillow to your right erases the rest of the world. Few will experience the magic he has offer on an intimate level-for those who have, the world will never be the same. I’m lucky enough to have experienced that electricity.

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Just a lost soul trying to make sense of the world

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