Wings in Time of Danger

She’s beautiful and she’s intelligent. She has a watchful eye and a cautious guiding hand. She provides protection but thrives on adrenaline and close calls. There’s no such thing as learning lessons the easy way in her book and when you decide to throw a few back, you better be ready to keep up. Her frizzy curls are blowing in the wind as she holds on tight to the leather wearing, long haired, scruffy man in front of her on that two wheeled road trip machine. Her freckles shimmer in the sunlight as her smile lights up the room. Think you’re witty? Try again. Her sharp tongue will make you wish you had never opened yours but her laugh will leave your heart happy for days. Her leather skirt makes a traditional wedding contemporary and her sky high heels help your mouth fall to the ground as she walks by with all the confidence in the world. The woman knows no boundaries and certainly disagrees with any form of authority figure. Rebellion is her strongest quality. And despite her atypical lady like manners, she is kind and passionate. She wants the best and will work hard to get it. She is a strong friend and one to be counted on in times of hardship and certainly in times of celebration. A day in her presence makes two without seem like eternity. She is contagious. I didn’t know her well but I know her now. I understand her sense of humor and her wanderlust. She tests me. She pushes me to my limit and forces me outside of my comfort zone. But her hand rests on my shoulder confirming her dedication to adventure. There is not a road I have travelled or a stone I have turned over in which she has been absent. She doesn’t frown upon my mistakes but makes them lessons instead. I’ll meet her again someday. And on that day, I will pour that Yeager down my throat and awe over her stories and experiences while we reminisce on mine. Until then, I will embrace what she gave me: a beautiful smile, curvy hips, freckled skin, wit, and a never ending sense of adventure with a heart as strong as a lion’s. She is my Granny Dee and she is my wings in the face of danger.

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Just a lost soul trying to make sense of the world

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