a day dream (a nightmare)

curled toes underneath stirred sheets.

hair strands scattered across worn pillow cases.

the weight of the world rising up and down with each breath on a sunken chest.

eyelids heavy as the dew on each blade of grass begin to lift, sunlight penetrating her iris.

liquid courage lingering  from the night before presenting itself as a slight discomfort in her temple- no raw courage left to breathe.

the only battle to fight today is the one in her mind. a ping-pong game of thoughts. a back and forth of strength. mind victorious over matter.

a heart longing for freedom, a mind searching for peace. the road to either scattered with debris.

as her hand reaches to lift the sheets she craves the warm breath of advice and guidance. she has gained a reliance on words flowing off others’ tongues.

what she finds instead is a quick rush of cold air sweeping across her bare, freckled skin, reality sending a chill down her spine.

one foot on the floor, the other lingering in the warmth of the sheets- shaking for adventure, shivering from fear.

hesitancy shortening every breath.

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Just a lost soul trying to make sense of the world

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