Letters I will never sign, #3

Babygirl, run. run away from the words spitting at your soul, belittling your successes. Run away from the age difference and the restless nights. Run away from the verbal attacks and the flee to somewhere safe. you are not a child, you don’t need a weekly allowance. You are not dependent, you do not need to ask permission nor for forgiveness.

I have lived this hell before. i see your suffering through my own memories. your pain pulls at my heartstrings. I’m watching you walk around the same circle that my footprints litter. I will not hold your hand until you take one foot off the track, until you come to the realization that emerging yourself in this cycle is deadly. you’re stubborn, I get it. you don’t wanna ask for help, you don’t have to.

just run.

find a safe place within yourself. find a love that smothers you with gratitude and beauty rather than throws it at you face with a back-handed compliment.


you are not giving up, you are not quitting. that first step is the most important toward peace of mind and happiness.


its the best decision I ever made.

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Just a lost soul trying to make sense of the world

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