men want a contradiction

men want a woman that is strong, independent, able to thrive in her own world. but they also want a woman who won’t run, who takes direction, who is moldable and plastic.

forget the fat ass, skinny waist oxymoron. this is a contradiction of heart and soul. The most sought after woman is the one who does not need a man, does not want a man but will not disrespect a man or his authority.

men want a woman who loves herself but not more than she loves him.

they seek a woman that they can break and remold and then leave while saying “you were fine before me, you’ll be fine again” pretending they had no influence over her mind and heart.

they want a woman filled with contradictions so as to not receive the blame when they in turn contradict their praises of love with their actions of deceit.

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Just a lost soul trying to make sense of the world

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