It is the last week of March and already this year has been filled with hospital visits, colds, viruses, sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, suicidal thoughts, etc. There have been numerous stressors emotionally, physically, mentally- within and between relationships, financially, and professionally.

There has not been an aspect of my life in which I have not felt some kind of frustration, grief, or discomfort throughout these first twelve weeks of 2018.

I also have not stopped pushing myself to accomplish as many things as possible this year. Constantly searching for work, applying to graduate programs, being productive in some way or another every single day.

I have felt disheartened by letting go of a dream and not following up with something productive or even meaningful- attempting to fill every void with anything that makes me feel the slightest bit proud.

And then a friend told me to embrace the rest. We push constantly for the grind and success, assuming any break will come off as lazy and reap no benefit.

But what we all are forgetting is that, rest and recovery are fundamental. No flower blooms all year long, sprinters only run for short distances, the climax is the shortest part of a story. Everything else is struggle, overcoming obstacles, build up, calm down, setbacks and small victories.

Rest. Recovery. Reflection.

Our society minimizes the importance of each and then questions why we are all so drained, exhausted, unstable. We wonder why our young school children are responding to bullying in lethal ways or why the majority of adults in this country are medicated with uppers and mixing them with downers.

We need to, collectively, appreciate the power of rest, relaxation, and reflection. Life doesn’t need to be constant grinding, constant success. There are ups and downs and we should ride em both out.


I hope you are all able to pour yourself a glass of wine and watch a movie tonight. Or take a bath, roll up a blunt and freestyle, cuddle with someone you love. Whatever it is, please take a second for yourself. Give yourself a break. Our bodies are not meant to be on the move every second of every day- it took 12 weeks of being constantly sick and uncomfortable for me to recognize that the universe, a man in the sky, whatever you believe in is trying to tell me that this is not my time to bloom, but my time to rest. And that there is nothing wrong with that.

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