This isn’t a cliché kinda love

He doesn’t give me butterflies. He doesn’t make my head spin and I didn’t know I loved him at first sight. I have never been nervous around him, palms never sweaty, heart has never beat out of my chest and we have definitely said our fair share of sorry’s. It has never felt surreal or unpredictable nor have I ever lifted my head over my heels thinking about him.

In fact, it is the complete opposite. He feels like home- a safe space. He’s been my best friend for two years and nothing changed when we leveled up to a relationship. There were no fancy flowers or change in expectations. I was and am able to be myself each and every moment of every single day.

His hugs recharge my soul and the stars in his eyes when he is talking about his passions feed my own hunger to be better. There is a mutual force between us to succeed that constantly feeds off each other- neither allowing for complacency. He’s the motivation I didn’t know I needed.

But none of it is foreign. He is not the missing piece to my broken person but rather a companion alongside my whole self. I didn’t need him to complete me but he jumped right alongside and held my hand like it was a natural walk in the park.

I am not saying that there has been no hardships but my god it is so easy to fall asleep next to him, to trust him, to wash the dishes, make love, and thrive with him.

I once felt so overwhelmed by love and the blurred line between a healthy, thriving relationship and toxic/dangerous. He showed me the boldness of that line and walked me away from it- helping create one of the most beautiful relationships I have ever had.

This not a cliché kind of love. Not one that would write a romantic novel. It is so genuine and one that highlights my strengths and nurtures my flaws. I have never felt so authentically myself and his companionship is the only reason for that. I am more in love with him and the life we are sharing than I have ever been before. And it feels so natural.

***PSA- when you know you know. Don’t wait for the butterflies, don’t rely on the clichés. When you know, you know.****

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