Consistently Grateful

We do it every year right? Think about ways to improve, create unfair expectations for ourselves and then become disappointed a week in. We create resolutions that we fall short of and  then tell ourselves next year, maybe next year. With only 7 or 8 days into the brand new year, we have fallen victim to the failure we set ourselves up for. And for what? To prove other people wrong? To prove ourselves wrong? It seems like a flawed system to me. 

That is why this year, instead of making a list of promises to myself that I would have forgotten already, I made a vow to myself to be consistent in everything that I do. Consistent with my actions, my morals, my beliefs, and work ethic. This year isn’t about changing but becoming better. There are ups and downs in every year, every week, every day. There are challenges and opportunities with every decision we make including what nutrition we put in our bodies at breakfast. My only vow this year is to be consistent with those choices every moment; To give myself fully and confidently to every second I have on this planet; To feel the people, memories, fears, pain, and joy whole heartedly and consistently. Most importantly to be GRATEFUL for those things consistently. Afterall, how can you fail at a resolution based totally on counting the blessings you already have? 

I have made a quick list below of things that I am beyond grateful for entering this new year with the intention of not taking anything for granted and consistently recognizing how blessed I am rather than how far I still have to go. In no ways is this list exhaustive and as part of my New Years vow, each day there will be at least 1 new item added before I rest my head for the day. 

  • My mom, my rock, my sanity. I wouldn’t be where I am without you 
  • Kelvin. The way you keep me grounded, humble, motivated, and goofy all at the same time. Home is where I’m with you 
  • Kyle. Your friendship has taught me more about myself than I can share. You popped into my life at such a dark time and you instantly became family. 
  • King & Bear. You puppers give me life every single day. Bear I miss the hell out of you and King, my god I am grateful for how many smiles you have put across my face. Dogs> everything else 
  • Sunsets. I feel a weight from my chest lifted as I watch the clouds turn from white to shades of hot pink. I knew I would miss the amazing CO sunsets but to the intensity that I crave a sunset at Daniels park is a desire I was unprepared to handle. 
  • Intuition. I’ve never been a religious person not even necessarily spiritual. I have always relied heavily on my gut and the internal feeling of what is right and wrong. I’ve never been able to sit down and pray for guidance but somehow always had an idea or understanding of what needed to be done. Relying on on my intuition is something I do daily and I am so grateful that it has guided me to the path I am on and the success I have had. 
  • My freckles. I have always felt special having freckles all over my face and arms. Some say they’re flaws and sun marks. It’s been said that I look like Pippi Longstocking or Annie. Been told I should learn how to wear makeup and accentuate certain freckles and hide others. But why?  These freckles are 100% mine and make me who I am. I am grateful to have unique features. 
  • And today especially, I am grateful to have a calling. It’s so often I see people of all ages unhappy with their work or unsure of what to do with their lives and I am blessed to have a goal and a desire to work with children. I’ve always had it and I’ve always known how I wanted to spend my life and what career I wanted. Even though last year I experienced a massive hiccup in that goal, I was able to adjust and overcome and continue working without hesitance toward the ultimate goal of helping children succeed. On days where I am still a ways away from obtaining this goal and the light at the end of the tunnel is just a flicker, it is easy to become frustrated and want to give up. But because I have a goal and a calling to work with children, am able to persevere just a little easier. 

What are some things on your list that you can honestly say you are consistently grateful for? 

 What are some of the vows you have made to yourself for this new year? 

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3 thoughts on “Consistently Grateful”

  1. A great list! My no1 that I’m consistently grateful for is family time. I’ve recently heard about a few people passing away and that makes me even more appreciative of the moments spent with loved ones… 💓

    1. Yes, I love this! I am so sorry for the losses you have experienced but I am sure that makes the laughter and hugs and joy with who you have that much more magical ❣️

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